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  • It was a pleasure to teach our LAB sports training philosophies to Concordia University Master of coaching class yesterday. Thank you for coming in, we love spreading knowledge to coaches so that athletes can continue to succeed! #learnedathleticbehavior #labathletes
  • Not only do we focus on helping our athletes become stronger and faster but also mentally strong, helping them to succeed in what they love to do best!! #learnedathleticbehavior
  • JOIN OUR TEAM! We’re on the hunt for certified trainers to help our team grow. Email Resumes & inquiries to: or DM us.
  • Focus and determination 💪 @uclawsoccer @lauren_brzykcy always training hard to become better. ⚽️🏆
  • HAPPY FOURTH🇺🇸 Our Sports Training will be CLOSED tomorrow, so rest up and enjoy!
  • A big CONGRATS 🎉 to our #labathlete and dancer @kileyculkin on her big comeback! Hard work pays off! Way to perform 🏆 #Repost @danilunabraithwaite ・・・ Choreography Award and 2nd overall with this lady tonight @kileyculkin I am so proud of you overcoming injury and lighting up the stage the way you did. You were breathtaking! Congrats! @sanclementedance @energyndc
  • The difference between the impossible and the possible lies in a person's determination. 💪 @nyjets and #labathelte @samdarnold back at the LAB and working hard as always! (🎥: training his core stability, strength, and injury prevention...which can lead to more endurance, power, agility, and speed)🏆
  • We’re always working to help lab athletes strengthen their abs and core muscles 💪! This helps them to move effectively and with good biomechanics so that they can improve their speed, endurance, power, stay injury free and more. Each LAB SPORTS TRAINING session is finished off with core work. #learnedathleticbehavior
  • The key 🔑 is not the will to WIN... everybody has that. It is the will to PREPARE to win. That is important.💪 Collegiate athletes @calihoye and @alexandra.tomich working hard in their off season so that they can stay healthy and improve their next season! #labathletes
  • Teamwork makes the dream work💪⚽️ @s.c.blues working hard in the offseason with our team training sessions. #labathletes #learnedathleticbehavior
  • Athletes don’t become athletes over night. It takes time and dedication to reach big goals. Which is why we are having an Intro to LAX and a LAX camp. These camps can be stepping stones to greater achievement throughout the season! Don’t miss out on our 2 camps. 12:00-1:30 pm 1️⃣LAB/LAX INTRO CAMP 6/26 - 6/28 . 2️⃣LAB/SC SHARKS LAX CAMP 7/30-8/3 AGES 8-11 . 8/6-8/10 AGES 12-14 . 8/13-8/17 AGES 15-17 . 🔺Reserve your spot today (& questions or concerns) call or email us: info@theoclab 949-388-8434
  • Speed training! Firing those fast twitch muscles up to make our athletes faster, stronger, and injury free. @uclawsoccer star @lauren_brzykcy training hard over her summer break!