Rehabilitation At The Recovery LAB

We know how important it is to get back in the game!
Which is why, in addition to training, we also offer rehabilitation support.

Recover Today

The Recovery LAB has teamed up to bring you a top of the line sports performance recovery experience.

Treatment Process Includes

  • Guided Processes For Healing and Health
  • Treatment & Recovery Process
  • Specific Treatment Options

What Makes Us Different

Our clinic is unlike any other in Orange County. You walk in and you will always walk out feeling better then you did before. Our success comes from teaching people how to take care of their bodies.

We are a multi-displinary clinic utilizing:


Why It Helps

The Recovery LAB is built and designed to keep the athlete moving well, pain free and staying at the top of their game, no matter what sport they excel at, whether pre-season or post-season, recovery will always be the key to future success and a better training day tomorrow.
  • In-Season Injury Prevention
  • Post-Season Recovery
  • Treatment & Recovery Process
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